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Waste Management and the Environment

The proper safeguard of our environment is important to our organization. While doing our work, we shall consider the appropriate protection of humans, animals, plant life, air, water and soil. Protecting the natural world is important to our business. Our goal is to leave the smallest footprint possible for future generations. By reducing, reusing and recycling everything that we can.

Our goal on the job can be met without risking harm to the environment and we expect all staff members to do their best to prevent harm to the environment.

We shall use, store and dispose of products in such a manner that will provide appropriate protection to the environment.

Management endorses environmental standards in accordance with relevant legislation.

Staff members will be kept informed on how to do their jobs in such a manner as to cause minimum environmental harm and waste of materials.

We shall recycle and promote the use of recycled products.

To learn more about our environmentally friendly efforts, give us a call!

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